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Since Young Hyun Trading is established in Feb 1, 2000. YH is kept developing in the area of Production and sales of garment and material and having its main value focused on customer satisfaction.
YH is having its continuous value and competing with global competitors.
YH is strategically alliance with best material producer in Korea and China.
By having, YH is supplying the best material to buyers from USA, Europe and other global area.

Based on material knowhow, YH is producing casual clothes, sportswear, functional wear from secured production site in China & Southeast Asia and having stable relationship with global major retailers as strategic partner.

With past experience and knowhow, YH had launching "MEGAN GOLF" in 2007.
Megan golf is communicating with customers as functional material developer and competitive cost provider.
We all recognize that YH can't even exist without customers support.
To serve our customer the best, we keep in mind honesty, faithfulness and trust.

YoungHyun CEO   Lee Gwan muk